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Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd - Ministry of Defence Specification Papers

Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd have been fully approved suplliers of the full range of M.O.D specification waterproof papers and bags for over 50 years.


All products are made to the specifications stiplulated by the M.O.D. and all are supplied with the correct Certificates of Conformity.

Ministry of Defence Specification Papers


Wax Paraffin Ordinary

Def Stan 91-16/2

Paper Wrapping Waxed

Def Stan 81-30

Paper Kraft Union

Def Stan 81-48

Paper Wrapping Grease-Resisting

Def Stan 81-93/2

Paper, Creped, Kraft Union, Reinforced

Def Stan 81-127/1

Wrapping, Mouldable, Waxed Grease Resisting

Def Stan 81-129/1

Paper, Kraft, Creped (Anti-Bleed)

Def Stan 81-138/1

Paper, Kraft, Dry Paraffin-Waxed

Def Stan 81-140

Paper Wrapping Grease-Resisting Bags

Def Stan 81-16
(To Def Stan 81-93/2)

Paper Wrapping Waxed Bags

Def Stan 81-16
(To Def Stan 81-30)


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