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Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd - Slip Sheets

Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd can provide slip sheets as an alternative to heavy, bulky and expensive plastic or wooden pallets.


Slip sheets are compatible with special forklift truck attachments (see image below). These attachments are available through your forklift truck supplier or we will be happy to help you in this area.  The attachments need to available at the receiving company also to ensure they can handle deliveries.


Pallet Liners  layer Pads  Interleaving


Minimum space is required for storage of the sheets.  In fact, 1000 sheets can be stored in the same space required to store 10 wooden pallets.

Pallet Liners  layer Pads  Interleaving

Pallet Liners  layer Pads  Interleaving

  • Slip sheets allow you to use the full space available within a container.
  • Slip sheets are available with different thickness and strengths according to your needs.
  • Slip sheets are wood free, hygienic, recyclable and offer great potential cost savings.

Slip Sheets are 100% recyclable


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