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Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd - Non Slip Pallet Liners

Non-Slip Envirocoat has been developed to increase stability and safety of pallets by reducing or eliminating movement of goods during shipment. This has been achieved by coating both sides of the paper with a water based acrylic to give the non-slip characteristics.

Non-Slip Envirocoat has excellent water barrier properties as well as a high coefficient of friction which enables it to be used as both a pallet liner and an interleaving paper.


Non-Slip Envirocoat has been successfully launched as a pallet liner as opposed to a corrugated layer pad. The cushion effect of the product prevents nail damage and the coating gives the added benefit of water resistance.

Non Slip Pallet Liner

The product can be palletised with up to 5000 sheets per pallet thus improving operating efficiency as well as creating a reduction in the storage area for pallet liners of up to 90%.


Non slip pallet liners are 100% recyclable


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