Non slip pallet liners are 100% recyclable

Non Slip Pallet Liners

Non-Slip Paper has been developed to increase stability and safety of pallets by reducing or eliminating movement of goods during shipment.

Non Slip Pallet Liners
PE Coated Kraft Rolls & PE Coated Kraft Sheets

PE Coated Kraft Paper

Polyethylene PE coated kraft which can be used as a waterproof pallet liner. PE coated kraft is supplied on rolls or in sheet form.

PE Coated Kraft Paper
Shipping Container Packaging

Cargo Restraint Systems

Ty-Gard 2000® flexible restraint system is designed to protect your valuable products in transit without damaging your packaging or equipment.

Cargo Restraint Systems

Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd - Anti-Corrosion Papers

We offer a comprehensive range of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Papers (V.C.I.).

Primarily for ferrous metal protection these advanced products provide protection from corrosion due to moisture or moisture vapour. Goods packed in this way do not need to be in direct contact with the V.C.I. Paper.

The chemicals can be coated on to a variety of substrates to allow protection for many manufactured metal components for storage and shipment.

VCI can also be incorporated into a wide variety of packaging materials (e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene, films & foam).

The VCI forms an invisible protective film on metals which have been packaged. The VCI protective film disperses without a trace when the package is opened and the metal goods can be used immediately without any cleaning procedures.

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Anti-Corrosion Papers

Ty-Gard 2000®
Ty-Gard Double Strength®  

Shipping Container Restraint System

Ty-Gard 2000® designed for cargo restraint and container load securement to prevent cargo damage. Approved alternative to traditional container cargo lashing and container cargo strapping.

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Shipping Container Air Bags
Dunnage Airbags

Dunnage Air Bags - Cargo Load Protection

Dunnage Airbags are also known as shipping container air bags or cargo packing air bags. Used for improved load restraint in shipping container cargo and load packaging.

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