Non slip pallet liners are 100% recyclable

Non Slip Pallet Liners

Non-Slip Paper has been developed to increase stability and safety of pallets by reducing or eliminating movement of goods during shipment.

Non Slip Pallet Liners
PE Coated Kraft Rolls & PE Coated Kraft Sheets

PE Coated Kraft Paper

Polyethylene PE coated kraft which can be used as a waterproof pallet liner. PE coated kraft is supplied on rolls or in sheet form.

PE Coated Kraft Paper
Shipping Container Packaging

Cargo Restraint Systems

Ty-Gard 2000® flexible restraint system is designed to protect your valuable products in transit without damaging your packaging or equipment.

Cargo Restraint Systems

Forest Stewardship Council ®

A Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC ®) (FSC-C140453) tick tree trademark is an effective way to get public and consumer recognition of our and by default your responsible practices.

This gives our customers credibility with their business partners as well as financial institutions and watchdog organizations. FSC certification helps to protect our and your brand and reputation and it allows access highly environmentally sensitive markets. Increasingly, governments, charities, financial institutions and retailers specify FSC certified products in their procurement programs.

FSC Chain of Custody certification tracks the FSC certified material through the production processes from managed forest all the way to end user allowing a “hand on heart” approach to the sustainable credentials of the products we produce.

Research & Development.

Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd Research and Development (R&D) programme ensures that we can provide our customers with UK developed coated paper solutions. The world is changing fast and our R&D programme is ongoing to ensure that we can meet our customer’s requirements today and in the future using the latest technologies.

The R&D programme draws on a wide range of sources including internal innovative ideas from our own employees, innovation from within our supply chain and advanced thinking and concepts from a wide base of academic partners.

Carbon Footprint.

Packaging Products take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Positive Planet have helped us to measure our current carbon footprint to find our starting point. We now look forward to working together to develop our sustainability strategy and to reduce our carbon emissions.

Packaging Products Positive Planet

Ty-Gard 2000®
Ty-Gard Double Strength®  

Shipping Container Restraint System

Ty-Gard 2000® designed for cargo restraint and container load securement to prevent cargo damage. Approved alternative to traditional container cargo lashing and container cargo strapping.

View Ty-Gard 2000®

Shipping Container Air Bags
Dunnage Airbags

Dunnage Air Bags - Cargo Load Protection

Dunnage Airbags are also known as shipping container air bags or cargo packing air bags. Used for improved load restraint in shipping container cargo and load packaging.

View Shipping Container Airbags